After decades of lying discreetly in Downtown Tyler's shadows, the People's Petroleum Building (formerly known as Old People's Bank Building) is undergoing a major revitalization which will return the timeworn structure to its earlier glory. Tylerite investors Garnett Brookshire, his father Tim Brookshire and Andy Bergfeld are in the process of preserving the Art Deco essence and historical integrity of this magnificent landmark while emphasizing the use of local contractors and resources. Their goal is to incorporate all the conveniences of a modern, upscale office building while retaining its historical character.

The new owners have engaged L2 Marketing to provide marketing materials and spearhead promotional efforts. Bergfeld Realty is the leasing agent and provides the experienced leadership required to restore the importance of this downtown icon.

Finally, Garnett Brookshire and Tim Brookshire have relocated their business offices to the People's Petroleum Building to personally ensure the quality and integrity of the renovation project. The Brookshire and Bergfeld families have a long history in Tyler, having built successful businesses and both remain involved in community development.

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