The actual construction efforts are being facilitated by renowned local contractor Randy Garrett, owner of Garrett & Associates General Contractors. Mr. Garrett is working closely with the Fitzpatrick team to meticulously restore the building's grand style and modernize all the mechanical systems with equal care.

All of the old HVAC systems on newly renovated floors are being replaced with new energy efficient VRV systems, which enable simultaneous cooling and heating, meeting the various needs for temperature control. Further efficiencies have been attained by repairing and resealing exterior window joints utilizing long-life glazing and sealants, creating an
air-tight seal around the entire building.

Electrical and plumbing systems have also been modernized to allow for improved safety measures and convenience. Advanced fire alarm and elevator upgrades along with

other cutting-edge technological improvements have been made to improve life safety measures in case of emergencies. Modifications for ADA conformity, implementation of modern telephone, data and CATV cabling and additional computer infrastructure are also assisting in ushering the building into the 21st century.

All mechanical upgrades have been completed and the 10th and 11th floors have been completely renovated. The owners are now accepting new tenant applications and offering customized, personalized space to suit the unique needs of Tyler businessmen and women.

Garrett Construction Team

Andy Bergfeld summarizes the renovation efforts, “The plan is to truly renovate and transform this historic landmark into a modern, comfortable business environment; one that offers every convenience modern tenants would expect, within a grand, historical building of which very few remain.”

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