Restoration efforts were led by prominent local architects Steve Fitzpatrick and Trey Greer, both of Fitzpatrick Architects. Having referenced the building's original plans by architect Alfred C. Finn, Fitzpatrick's team reverted the building's interior and parts of its exterior back to the original appearance and feel while incorporating modern materials and technologies. Old-style fixtures and accents have been retrofitted to allow for updated utilities.

Architect Team

Throughout the building they painstakingly preserved and restored as much of the original marble, woodwork and Art Deco attributes as possible. The escalators leading up to the grand, second story bank lobby were replaced with a marble and terrazzo staircase replicating the archetype design. Even the original, ornate entrance doors were reproduced to look as though you were stepping into the 1932 version of what was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.

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